Welcome to DM Delivers!

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.  DM Transportation Management Services is DM Delivers!

Let us explain – when DM started, we focused on working with catalog companies to manage transporting goods into their warehouses.  That’s where the “Transportation Management,” in our original name comes from. As our catalog clients evolved into e-commerce companies and our client base diversified, DM expanded to deliver comprehensive solutions that solved the most challenging logistics problems.

Today, DM Delivers residential and commercial logistics solutions for LTL, White Glove, warehousing, international, truckload, and drayage.  Our client partners are e-commerce companies, retailers, manufacturers and distributors throughout the United States. DM Delivers more than just a mode of transportation – with each shipment, DM delivers on our promise to give you and your customers exceptional service.

DM Delivers outstanding service through:

  • our people and the first-rate, proactive, personalized service they strive for each day
  • our cost-free technology is easy to implement and simplifies every mode of transportation
  • our creative, customized solutions are tailored to address all your logistics needs

Not only does DM excel at managing outbound freight, but when it comes to returns, DM provides all these services and more. What makes returns with DM exceptionally unique  is our mantra, “we’re the logistics company that doesn’t like to ship.”


The truth is, we are a logistics company that does not like unnecessary shipping. This is the foundation for the Reverse Logistics Revolution, where we take this idea and kick it up a notch.

DM has always focused on consolidating our clients’ return shipments whenever we can. While consolidation alone provides a reduction in shipping costs, it doesn’t make the broader, meaningful, long-lasting impact DM and our clients are looking to achieve. Soon the solution became clear – don’t ship items back that don’t need to be shipped. Why? Not only does it provide optimal savings on shipping costs and reduce labor and warehousing costs, but it also achieves double liquidation and it’s better for the environment – making an incredibly positive, real impact on people’s lives.

This is all achieved through the Reverse Logistics Revolution, which is centered around one primary principle: Hyperlocalism. Through Hyperlocalism, DM keeps returned product in the same market it was recovered, then we choose the best path:

  • Recommerce
  • Liquidation
  • Donation
  • Recycling

DM works with our vast network to not only save our clients from unnecessary shipments, but we do all we can to achieve total landfill avoidance.

So, whether you’re thinking about partnering with DM, are one of our new client partners, or a long-term client, we look forward to delivering the best solutions and exceeding your expectations.

All the best,

The DM Delivers Team

DM Delivers custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Reach out to one of our Logistics Solutions Team members today!