Reverse Logistics

DM Provides a Reverse Logistics solution like no other! Proactive consumer communication + quick return recovery = Consumer Expectations Exceeded

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Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Your company is unique, and so is our approach to Logistics Solutions.  DM is a collaborative partner, creating custom solutions for your specific business needs. Our vast network provides myriad solutions upon which we can tailor the best solution for YOU.

Highly Customizable Technology

DM has developed a proprietary web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) called EasyFreight™, which can integrate with virtually any system or any file type.

Superior Customer Service

DM is not a, “set it and forget it,” partner. Our SPOC team will set regular meetings with your team to review performance, and use data to uncover areas where we can help improve your experience for you and your customers.

Everywhere, anywhere

DM’s service area covers every zip code in the continental US. Have a return in Missoula, MT? We’ve got you covered! Need it shipped back to your warehouse, vendor or somewhere else? Done! DM Delivers!!!

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Happier customers!

DM Delivers proactive communication, providing a better experience for your consumers. Your own customer service team will have fewer calls asking “When is my return getting picked up?”

With DM, size doesn’t matter!

Regardless if your returned product is a lamp, couch, refrigerator, piece of fitness equipment, or a sauna there is no item DM can’t recover directly from your consumer.

To DM, size does not matter
EasyFreight TMS

See it all as it happens

Move from virtual invisibility on your returns to detailed visibility with DM. Your customer service team will have access to DMs secure EasyFreight™ portal, where they can get quick answers to tracking. To elevate your customers experience, they will have full visibility on a web page DM designs with your company.

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