Superior Customer Service

What makes our partnership unique is your dedicated SPOC team. We believe our focus on customer service is part of what has contributed to the many long-standing client relationships throughout our decades-long history.


The SPOC team’s role is to guide daily activity and proactively resolve issues so your company can focus on its core business functions. The benefit of this level of dedication is also the ability to make agile and even long-term decisions to optimize your company’s logistics.

Our SPOC team members typically manage the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide quotes
  2. Create Bills of Lading
  3. Schedule pickups
  4. Track priority shipments
  5. Manage the claims process
  6. Address billing issues
  7. Provide regular reporting

The result is greater on-time reliability, and a lower rate of claims.

Seamless Partnership

The SPOC seamlessly performs the activities above while balancing the need to communicate within our partnership. The communication schedule and method is usually agreed-upon to ensure a good flow of data without inundating the client with unnecessary details. It is not uncommon for our team members to proactively gather and relay information and ideas that will make the account operate more smoothly.

This plays an integral part in exceeding the expectation of our clients.