DM Delivers is honored to be recognized by the RLA for Operational Excellence

DM Delivers was awarded the RLA’s “Reverse Logistics Operational Excellence Award,” at the Annual RLA Conference & Expo earlier this month. The RLA Reverse Logistics Excellence Awards allows the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA) to honor those companies that are setting the standard for excellence in reverse logistics through their vision, innovation, focus, and efficiency.
DM was recognized by the RLA for our forward-thinking, Hyperlocal solution that solves the challenge of large-item returns. This Hyperlocal program keeps returned items in the same market they were recovered. From there, those returns are recommerced, donated or recycled within that same market. This program not only drastically reduces shipping and related warehousing and labor related costs, but also increases the recovery achieved through recommercing versus liquidation. Hyperlocalism also helps companies contribute to their ESG goals by reducing their client’s carbon footprint by keeping product in the recovery market instead of shipping it all the way back to a warehouse of vendor. Additionally, clients can make an important social impact through local donation, and effect complete landfill avoidance by reselling, donating, or recycling the returns.
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