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Drop Shipment Management

Giving clients something to smile about – a healthier bottom line.


Online retailers and companies utilizing 3rd party services face a unique challenge…with no physical location or presence how do you control logistics costs and visibility?

Often these companies are dependent upon their vendors to ship directly to their customer with little to no input on the cost or quality of the carrier. Additionally there is limited visibility to the drop shipments in-transit and the extent of services options available to the customer provided are restricted.

DM can reduce the costs of these shipments while providing a wider array of services. Regardless if you are shipping to a business’s dock or Curbside, Threshold, Room of Choice and Delivery & Assembly at a residence, DM can provide the solution your company is looking for.

We’ll complete a comprehensive analysis on all of your vendors to determine the actual logistics costs and savings opportunities in each category:

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Freight is routed and paid for by your vendor and added to the purchasing invoice


Shipments currently controlled by your company

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Your vendor buries the cost of shipping in the product

Put more time into what you do best.

DM will then implement these cost reduction opportunities and manage the process for your organization. You can count on us for:

Routing Guide Creation

Routing Guide Distribution

Web Based Vendor Routing Solution

Vendor Compliance

Vendor Chargebacks

Vendor Inbound Program Reporting

DM makes a significant impact on your organization by enhancing service and reducing costs. Regardless if your company has 10, 100 or 1,000 vendors our team will handle all of analysis, implementation and vendor management.